Corporate Services

From business meetings to leisure tours for the company executives, we provide wide variety of services for corporate related matters. Please feel free to address us whenever you encounter any of the following cases:

Requests We Receive from Company Secretaries

- Company executive living overseas would like to book a tour to Japan for his / her holiday

- Company executive would like to arrange a special hospitality program in Tokyo for the top VIP clients from all over the world.

Requests We Receive from Corporate Sales Person

- Inviting guests from overseas to conduct an inspection tour of the manufacturing factories based in Japan.

- Holding an annual management meeting in Kyoto, booking conference rooms and hotel rooms for all the presidents and directors from regional headquarters.

- Holding a sales promotion event in Tokyo, booking the venue and coming up with unique entertainment programs for the reception.

Requests We Receive from Human Resources and General Affairs Department

- Countries' VIP Delegation is visiting the Japanese Government for annual international conference, booking hotel suite rooms, and chartering luxury sedans.

- Holding a training program in Osaka for staffs from overseas department and group companies, booking hotel rooms and training facilities.

- Holding an educational sightseeing trip for the trainees from overseas, need to arrange a special program related to cosmetics and beauty industry.

Global Lounge Ginza offers expert services that create a lasting impression for every meeting, incentive, convention, events, and private trips for the VIPs. We will apply our firsthand experience and our fountain of inspiration to help you succeed in hosting an amazing tour/event that achieves your desired outcomes. Through our exceptional relationships with hotels, ryokans, vehicle companies, and regional authorities, we can provide travel, logistics, and entertainment at leading quality.

Travel Concierge at your Service!

If the company is situated in Tokyo, and if you wish to have a face to face meeting with our consultants, we are more than happy to visit your office. Our Concierge can also bring bullet train tickets or admission tickets to your VIP clients' hotel room once they arrive in Tokyo. Our office is always welcome for travel advice and consultation. Please feel free to drop by our Lounge.

Contact us Feel free to contact us about arranging your personal  itinerary in accordance with your request Select your reigion of residence