Meet Your Concierge

Ryo has traveled over 120 countries including in every corner of Japan. From his own travelling experience and keenness to gain 'something special and new', he is admired by clients both first visitors and repeaters for his unique travel plans. He specializes in SITs (Special Interest Travel), for example, Country visits of Japanese-Hawaiian families, Architecture tours, Walking tours from Tokyo to Mt. Fuji, Naoshima Art tours etc. He also has an English-speaking guide licence, and enjoys guiding his clients very much.
Ayano offers professional services in planning tours with very much care for her clients in detail. Her performance is supported by her own experience living in the US over 10 years and also by her career at JTB USA Inc. in Los Angeles. She understands our high-end clients' taste very well and loves welcoming the guests in person when they arrive in Japan.

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