Basic Arrangements

General arrangements we make to start up your trip with…


Tours guided by professional guides deepen your experiences during your stay in Japan. They take care of your tour with full support to make sure every part of it goes flawlessly by offering you profound and unique knowledge you might not be able find on the Internet or from guide books otherwise. Also, being a bridge between you and locals when there are language barriers which are very likely in Japan. Global Lounge Ginza will assign you national licensed foreign language speaking guides with rich background of working with VIP clients. We also handle English speaking assistants who escort you to your chartered car or assist you with checking in at the airport counter when departing Japan.

Available language

English, Korean, Chinese, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Russian, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Thai etc.
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AMANEMU / Ise shima

KOZANTEI UBUYA / Kawaguchiko
One of the critical components for a successful trip is where you stay. Japan has a wide variety of accommodation types including worldwide leading "five-starred" hotels and comparatively clean and cozy standard quality inns. Though it might not be too difficult to get information about those hotels, it may not be easy when you are looking for Japanese authentic Ryokans that have unique character with hot springs, Japanese style rooms and marvelous dinner using local food. Global Lounge Ginza can assist you in finding the perfect place for you to enjoy your stay, according to your likes and tastes. Rooms with a private hot spring open air bath are available for your privacy.
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Major cities like Tokyo and Osaka, finely structured web of public transportation is available. However, too many lines running across cities sometimes confuse tourists and even the locals. Chauffeured vehicle service gives you ease and comfort for your traveling time. With your request, English speaking drivers may be available in limited areas. Drivers can also assist you catching train and escort you from arrival platform.

Line up

Sedan (passengers : 2 guests)
- Standard - TOYOTA Crown or similar
Sedan (passengers : 2 guests)
- Executive – Mercedes, LEXUS, BMW or similar
Minivan (passengers: 4 guests) – TOYOTA Alphard or similar
Van (passengers: 6 guests) – TOYOTA Hi-Ace or similar
Coach (from small luxury model to as large as 49-seaters)
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"Washoku" has been gaining major recognition since the Japanese cuisine was registered as UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2013. Since then, it has been the top interest for those who visit Japan. Not only Japanese cuisine, but Japan is like a jewel box of high quality restaurants in many kinds that go beyond your expectations. Global Lounge Ginza arranges places to eat that are suitable for occasions and your requests. From Michelin starred restaurants to street food vendors that have a great local vibe. They are all waiting for you to try!

Special Requests

The population of vegetarians is increasing in Japan, and more people understand various diet habits now that Japan is welcoming overseas tourists more than ever. Arrangements for vegetarians, vegans, pescetarians, gluten free diet, and dairy free etc. Also support for religious requests including finding right places to eat according to your diet habit including Halal food and Kosher, and also providing prayer rooms.

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