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Creating the best Japan plan for you!


questions to
our Chatbot

Answers you
Our Chatbot Assistant “MIKO” answers your questions in real time with full information relates to

  • Transportation
  • Sightseeing spots
  • Restaurants
  • Images/Photos (uploaded by you)
  • Currency Exchange point *
  • WI-FI spot *

and more.


your perfect
travel itinerary.

Helps you

  • List up your sightseeing plans.
  • Save your “Favorites” to your itinerary.
  • Optimize your search results.
  • Familiarize local areas.


your table, room,
seat or ticket.

Allows you
to make reservations with easy steps using English.

  • Hotels/Ryokan
    (Japanese inn)
  • Restaurants *
  • Event Tickets *
  • Transportation
    Tickets *
  • Tour Tickets *


your own
travel plan.

Shows you

  • Full detailed guide information of your destination.
  • Travel route from your current location to destination. (You will be redirected to another Apps.)
  • Full area map.
  • Recommend spots nearby your current location. *


the full detail of
your travel spots.

Provides you

  • Best route to your destinations.
  • Easy customization of your original itinerary by choosing/deleting/rearranging your favorite spots.
  • Best travel plan based on seasons and your visit duration.
  • Suitable plans based on your age and nationality. *

* This function will be available soon.
・The listed features will be changed without notice. ・This information contained herein is accurate & reliable as of 30th March, 2018.