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Shin-Osaka Station is directly accessible to Kansai International Airport by train and the Shinkansen, which connects major cities in Japan, also stops at this station. Many passengers use this station as a hub.
In addition to trains, Shin-Osaka is also close to expressway entrances and Osaka International Airport. It is located in a convenient spot for many modes of transportation.
Located near the station is Expo Memorial Park, famous for the giant art piece created by artist Taro Okamoto. Also close by is the Minoo area, where people can enjoy verdant nature and the beautiful colors of the autumn foliage. Although not the most popular area, it offers a variety of allure.

JTB Osaka: Shin-Osaka Branch is conveniently located on the second floor of the Shin Osaka Station building. Customers can drop by on their way to their destination or before heading out to tourist spots. The office can meet a wide variety of customer needs, from the arrangement of Sunrise Tours to hotel reservations and other tour arrangements during their stay.

About 55 minutes by JR Kansai Limited Express Haruka
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Examples of tour arrangements

1st day
Sightseeing within Osaka and night tours in Kyoto First, you will leisurely look around Osaka, which is accessible to Kansai International Airport. The city is full of merchant culture and laughter and is known as the “City of Food.” Many great restaurants can be found in the area. The “Experience Making Okonomiyaki & Stroll Along Dotonbori” plan is suitable for those who wish to casually enjoy the local culture of Osaka. This tour takes you to a restaurant famous for its Okonomiyaki, the soul food of the local people in Osaka, where you can enjoy cooking your own Okonomiyaki. The tour then takes you on a leisurely stroll along Dotonbori, the symbol of the City of Food, where you can enjoy the unique and vibrant streets and often said to be one of the most energetic places in Osaka.
After enjoying Osaka, the tour moves to Kyoto, where you will check into your hotel. Your accommodations are at a luxury hotel in Kyoto. Please relax and unwind at such familiar hotels including the Westin and Hyatt Regency. After dinner is a nighttime tour of the city where you can enjoy the beautifully illuminated temples. “Kyoto Maiko Night” is recommended for those who are interested in maiko (apprentice geisha) and kaiseki (traditional Japanese multi-course dinner).

2nd day
Sightseeing in Kyoto, the city full of Japanese beauty How about leisurely seeing the sights in Kyoto on the second day? Please experience the world of traditional Japanese beauty and wabi sabi, the quintessential Japanese aesthetic, displayed in beautiful architecture, nature and art as you stroll around the temples.
If you want to efficiently enjoy Kyoto, the “Kyoto 1 Day” Sunrise Tour is for you. The tour covers famous spots in Kyoto including World Heritage Site Kinkaku-ji (the Temple of the Golden Pavilion), Kiyomizu-dera Temple and Nijo Castle. Other recommended plans include “Experience Authentic Japanese Culture in Kyoto,” a plan that allows you to dress as a maiko and enjoys traditional Kyoto sweets. In the “Kyoto Morning & Craft” plan, you can try your hand at making woodblock prints in addition to sightseeing.
Your accommodations will be at a traditional Japanese ryokan (inns) or hotel, such as Hiiragiya Ryokan and Sumiya Ryokan, which offer the rich atmosphere of Japanese tradition. Please relax in a yukata (casual kimono) and enjoy the refined hospitality.

3rd day
To Kinosaki hot-spring area, which has been loved by the Japanese for 1,300 years On the third and fourth days, the tour stays in Kinosaki hot-spring area,, the well-known place loved by famous Japanese authors that has a 1,300-year history.
The retro and chic townscape of the Japanese inns and the cozy streets reflect good old Japan. The area is frequented by repeat visitors who have fallen in love with the hospitality and nostalgic atmosphere.
Another attraction of Kinosaki is the crab. Many people love the simple yet sweet taste of the firm Kinosaki crab meat. The area attracts many visitors from both Japan and overseas during the best seasons for crab.
Your accommodations will be at the great Nishimura-ya Ryokan, which has 150 years of history. Please enjoy the onsen (hot-spring) and the hospitality that the Japanese love so much, as well as the Japanese garden that displays the most beautiful treasures of the season.

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