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Private Kabuki Workshop

To see "Kabuki", Japanese traditional performance, you would normally need to go to a big theater and see actors from a certain distance, in many cases small. In this program, an actual Kabuki actor comes to a private venue we arrange, and lectures you about Kabuki followed by a private show.
First part of this program begins by the short lecture about Kabuki. Questions are very welcome. Then the actor will do elaborate make-up which is very unique to Japanese Kabuki. You usually cannot see this make-up process but in this program you can see up close how they do their make-up. If you are interested, you are able to do the same make-up on your face.
After approx. 1 hour workshop, cocktails/tea break is held and during this time, Kabuki actor dresses up and prepares for performance. After the 30 min break, 10-15 min Kabuki show begins. If the workshop is in lunch/dinner time, it is possible to arrange meal and after the main dish are served, Kabuki show begins to evoke the mood. Single actor lectures you and show special performance only for your group, therefore being a very exclusive program for your VIPs.

‹ Price ›

874,800JPY(depending on the date/time schedule)~ + venue fee (depending on venues)

‹ What to bring ›


‹ Average duration ›

2-3 hours
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Japanese Wedding & Photo plan

Have you ever thought trying something unique for your wedding, or making your honeymoon trip in Japan memorable? Keep astonishing Japanese views with your happiness by putting traditional Kimono on at a genuinely traditional site.

‹ Schedule ›

Meet English speaking guide at your hotel lobby
Transfer to the studio by chauffeured car in the city (30 minutes)
Choosing your own costume from 50 choices (2 hours for preperation)
*Options for men are more limited.
Putting on kimono, make-up and hair done
Transfer to the venue (shrine/temple/garden etc.) by car (30 minutes)
Simplified ceremony starts *if it is taken place at shrine, rituals below are standard procedures. (1.5 hours)
  1. Sanshin (entrance procession)
  2. Shubatsu-no-gi (purification ceremony)
  3. Congratulatory address by Shinto priest
  4. Chikai-no-sakazuki (take a sip of sake to vow)
  5. Seishi-soujou (speech addressed by the groom)
  6. Yubiwa-no-gi (exchange of rings)
    *Please bring your own rings
  7. Tamagushi-hairei (Tamagushi offerings)
    *The guide will be interpreting the ceremony
Photo shooting within/outside the venue
*Photos are taken during the ceremony as well
Transfer back to the studio by car (30 minutes)
Back at the studio and change into your own clothes and remove make-up (30 minutes)
Transfer to your hotel by car (30 minutes)

‹ Price › *Per Couple

270,000JPY (*for weekends, +70,000JPY) + venue fee (depending on venues)+English-speaking guide fee 38,000JPY + Chartered car fee 45,000JPY + Planning fee

‹ What to bring ›

Nothing specially required, however if you have something you would like to put on during the ceremony/photo shoot, please feel free to bring them. Your wedding ring

‹ Required information ›

For both kimono and western gown + tux costume, we will ask you to fill out body measurement sheet.

‹ Average duration ›

5-6 hours
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Maiko and Samurai Make-up

Changing into Kimono and put on makeup done by a professional stylist allows you to become real Maiko and Samurai that are by far the most popular icon of Japanese culture. Strolling around the city of Kyoto by rickshaw makes it like a movie scene.

‹ Schedule ›

Transfer on own to the studio
Choosing your own costume from more than 400 choices
Putting on kimono and make-up and hair done (50 minutes)
Stroll town by riding rickshaw (max. 2 per rickshaw car, 45 minutes)
Taking photos on own (20 minutes)
Back at the studio and change into your own clothes and remove make-up (15 minutes)

‹ Note ›

*Chauffeured car service can be arranged with your request.
*Options for men's costumes are limited.
*A little souvenir gift comes with this plan. (Japanese wooden clogs for women, Japanese bandana for men as an example)

‹ Price › *Per Person

24,000JPY ~

‹ Average duration ›

3 hours except the travel time to/from the studio
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Private Jet and Helicopter

There are a lot of small towns and countryside that are like hidden gems, bespoken places that are worth the visit. They are often hard to access by car, but we are able to arrange private jet and helicopter for your comfort transport and even for fun. No need to care about the time schedule of public transport and save your time!
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Luxurious Chartered Boat

There are many boat companies which offer luxurious chartered boat/cruiser. Not just board the boat/cruiser and relax to see beautiful view from the sea/river, but Ninja show, magic show, Japanese traditional music play, Geisha and other performances can be commenced on board for special occasions. Boat/cruiser size varies and will charter according to your interest and request.
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Exclusive Chartered Venue

JTB Global Lounge Ginza is able to charter special venues which are hard to book otherwise. Museums, Michelin-starred restaurants, cruisers, Japanese gardens, temples, shrines, trains, private reception hall which are not open to public and many other special venues can be chartered for your clients according to the purposes of each case...
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Japanese Cooking Experience

Washoku is nowadays one of the top interests for visitors to Japan. In this private program, you will learn how to prepare authentic Japanese food taught by renowned chefs. Menu can be arranged with requests as well as the basic Sushi plan/ Washoku course. Japanese sweets making is also an option. Please visit cooking class in Tokyo. Detailed address and way of access will be informed to you beforehand. Chauffeur service from your hotel can be arranged for additional fee.
After washing your hands, teacher lectures you about the menu of the day. All the foods are famous Japanese dishes that are not so difficult to learn. If teacher does not speak English, your guide will help you to communicate with him/her.
Menu: Sushi (Temaki/Nigiri), Okonomiyaki, Teriyaki Chicken, Dumpling etc
We are happy to arrange menu according to your requests. You can choose menu.
After you finish cooking and the dishes are all ready, enjoy your foods!

‹ Average duration ›

2-3 hours
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Art Gallery Tour and Architecture Tour

English or other language-speaking guide shows you around famous or minor art galleries in Japan. There are hundreds of small art galleries in Ginza district, Tokyo and guide takes you to the galleries according to your special interest.
The architecture tour will be held in area of Omotesando with modern architectures and buildings, and there are also famous architectures from old to modern in all over Japan where our guide can take you according to your interest.

‹ Average duration ›

3-4 hours
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Shore Excursions

Private shore excursions for single travelers to group travelers can be arranged.

From any port of call all over in Japan, from Okinawa to Hokkaido, we gladly arrange your private excursions during your stay. Our concierge are happy to discuss and recommend you the must-see places, must-eat things and cultural activities.
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Medical Check-up Tours

We will recommend you quality hospitals with latest technologies and facilities for your medical check-ups. Language and cultural problems are consulted and followed by your personal assistant.

In the last several years, we have more tourists to Japan who comes not only for sightseeing but to get the quality of health care and treatment. In the background of this movement, Japan offers the best health statues in the world, with the highest life expectancy, the lowest infant mortality rate and the average age of Japanese is around 83 years also has to be mentioned.

Healthy eating habit is one of the reason of these fact, but these are also influenced by the world-class healthcare services, which can be provided to the foreigners visiting Japan. The following are some aspects that make Japan the best choice for your healthcare:
  1. Quality of healthcare service
  2. Highly trained and skilled doctors and staffs with hospitality
  3. Infrastructure of healthcare facilities
  4. Accessibility to most advanced diagnostic equipment
  5. Specialty treatment facilities for a range of ailments including life threatening diseases
  6. Accessibility to most advanced diagnostic equipment
  7. Beautiful destination for a pleasant stay and recovery
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Contact us Feel free to contact us about arranging your personal  itinerary in accordance with your request Select your reigion of residence